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Services that I as a Writer Offer

I offer two feedback services:

The simpler and faster version - I read through your manuscript and insert balloon comments as I go. I will then write up an email assessment and send your manuscript back so you can see exactly what I'm talking about. Most clients love this as it is easier to follow, plus it's cheaper and quicker.

The full-blown critique - I do the same as above, but the assessment will be written up as a full report, with detailed advice referring back to the manuscript. This is usually the preferred version for very new writers who want more and very specific help.

Mentoring - this may be simply to help you get the book written, or to keep your confidence up, or indeed looking at partials and advising as you go. However, I generally don't advise anyone to work this way. It's much better to write the whole thing as first draft before getting it assessed, unless you are just checking out the first two or three chapters.

Other help - whatever you want, frankly. I've helped with online homework help and with outlines, synopses, looking for the right agent, or simply being available to boost confidence when needed.

ALL my services include aftercare. I am always happy to help with odd bits of advice, answer questions or bat ideas back and forth by email. I don't charge for this unless you want me to reread something we've already looked at, and then I'll do you a deal.

None of my services are expensive - check out the fees page.

Why use us?

I believe it's time writers have control when they want help to shift their work up to another level. More choice, more options and let’s make sure you are happy at every stage. Plus let's make it affordable.

I am very conscious that artistic talent is a delicate plant and it is all too easy to crush a budding writer’s aspirations. I have been on the receiving end and unable to write for months, so I do understand. I will never be brutal, scathing or critical of another author’s work.

That said, a less than honest appraisal would be useless to you, so I will be honest. I will be tough. You deserve the truth. But - and I stress this - my assessments are always both constructive and encouraging.

Please have a look at my success stories and see what my clients say.

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