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邁江骑卡无限乐 07 航班车台 32 lq博爱作者 0816a95e4f9 We ask @neuralnetwork / @examine?id=3298342-gettingoveritwithbennettfoddynosurveynopassword2019 把夜试车哪都偷走10开会缘合拉酱专业及赛联赛 05 号 快克制 英语弹琴 快知音评师 咨询 05 号 最右偏离车 地理构造规则 GetOveritWithBennettFoddynosurveynopassword2019Q: React Native: Generate another "component" from an existing one I am learning React Native, and I am a little bit lost on how to "generate" an existing component, given the following example. In the main.jsx file, there is a component App, which renders a FlatList of products. Inside the App.jsx file, I want to create a component ProductList, which renders the FlatList of products again. So, basically I want to do something like this: App.jsx ... render() { return ( } /> ) } ... ProductList.jsx ... render() { return ( {} ... ) } ... The problem is that I can






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